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Eco-Green Air, inc/files/ecogreen.png$919-782-31112000 Brentwood Road Suite 6, Raleigh NC
Eco-Green Air, inc/files/ecogreen.png919-782-3111$2000 Brentwood Road Suite 6, Raleigh NC starstarstarstarstar 4.9 / 5 | 209 Total Reviews

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Eco-Green Air, inc/files/ecogreen.png$2000 Brentwood Road Suite 6, Raleigh NC 919-782-3111"please disregard my 2 star review for I would like to leave them 1 star. Eco green came to my home on two different days. The first day one worker came to assess the issue. That worker cut a small square sized hole in my wall in the living room. On this first day, the worker wanted to place the drain on the side of the home. I declined initially and asked that eco green assess the situation to determine where the leak was coming from because he did not know where the leak was originating. We decided that the eco green worker would come back the next day with another worker to run a test on the HVac drain lines to see if that was where the leak was occurring (we have 2 drain lines). The next day the two workers came and ran that test on the drain lines. It was determined there was a leak coming from one of the drain lines. After that, they contacted both my wife and I. They said that the only way to fix the leak was to run a pipe on the outside of the home to reroute the water into our gutter. However they still did not know where the leak was actually occurring in the hvac system. We asked if there was another way to fix the leak and find where the leak was coming from and they said that they would have to cut into the walls and they did not recommend that. Due to the severity of the leak and having what we considered at that time a professional recommendation, we allowed them to proceed as they said that was the ONLY way to fix the problem. The following week, Weather Master came to my home to look at the issue. They decided to cut the wall a few more inches above where eco green had originally cut and they found that there was a nail in the condensation line from siding installation . Weather Master were able to fix the issue immediately. I am asking that eco green return to my home and reverse the work that they have done, which we know now, was unnecessary. They failed to properly assess the issue and this resulted in unnecessary work and damage to my home (cutting into siding and gutter). Had they cut more of the wall to determine where the leak was actually coming from, they would have found where the leak was and would not have needed to place the pipe on the side of the home into my gutter. Below are the pictures of the pipe they placed on my home, the original hole cut by eco green, and the hole cut by weather masters. Thank you for taking the time to review this issue. Appreciate that this can be resolved and the issue can be addressed. "
from Wendell, NC on July 2nd, 2019
5 (1 / 5)
Eco-Green Air, inc/files/ecogreen.png$2000 Brentwood Road Suite 6, Raleigh NC 919-782-3111"Brian was very kind and considerate and wanted to be helpful. I didn't know there was going to be a fee and assumed the PM was part of the Fujitsu recent install to make sure everything was working correctly. (I first thought Alan was trying to make an appointment in the evening - PM) Once Brian told me there was a fee on a newly installed unit, I asked him to service the older unit for me instead. After Brian was finished, he said that he had replaced two capacitors on the unit that you installed for us just a couple years ago. I think Brian should have asked me or Donna before doing that work, especially since we were home. If I find a problem on someone's roof that costs more than they expected to pay, I might fix it for them and ask them to pay me a little extra, but I don't obligate them especially if it's three times what they expected to pay! I probably would have said to Brian, after he explained what the problem was and the cost, to go ahead and fix it for me. "
from Cary, NC on March 16th, 2015
5 (1 / 5)

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