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TM9X 95.5% Single Stage Gas Furnace

These compact units employ induced combustion, reliable hot surface ignition and high heat transfer aluminized tubular heat exchangers. The units are factory shipped for installation in upflow or horizontal applications and may be converted for downflow applications.

  • Easily applied in upflow, horizontal left or right, or downflow installation with minimal conversion necessary.
  • Compact, easy to install, ideal height 33 in. tall cabinet.
  • Blower-off delay for cooling SEER improvement.
  • Built-in, high level self diagnostics with fault code displays standard on integrated control module for reliable operation.
  • Low unit amp requirement for easy replacement application.
  • All models are convertible to use propane (LP) gas.
  • Electronic Hot Surface Ignition saves fuel cost with increased dependability and reliability.
  • 5 speed, direct drive X13 style high efficiency DC motor.
  • Hi-tech tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger.
  • Secondary heat exchanger made of corrosion resistant stainless steel materials.
  • Timed on, adjustable off blower capability for maximum comfort.
  • Solid removable bottom panel allows easy conversion.
  • Airflow leakage less than 1% of nominal airflow at ductblaster conditions.
  • Quiet inducer operation.
  • External air filters used for maximum flexibility in meeting customers IAQ needs.
  • Venting applications - may be installed as a either 2-pipe (sealed combustion) or single-pipe vent (using indoor combustion air.
  • Insulated blower compartment for terminal and acoustic performance.
MODELConfigurationInput MBtuHOutput MBtuHAFUECFMDimensions
TM9X080B12MP11 80.0 76.0 95.5 692 33x17.5x29.5 126
TM9X060B12MP11 60.0 57.0 95.5 443 33x14.5x29.5 122
TM9X080C16MP11 80.0 76.0 95.5 203 33x21x29.5 136
TM9X100C16MP11 100.0 95.0 95.5 195 33X21X29.5 142
TM9X100C20MP11 100.0 95.0 95.5 355 33x21x29.5 145
TM9X120D20MP11 120.0 114.0 95.5 387 33x24.5x29.5 156

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months -
  • Heat Exchanger for 240 months -

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