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HVAC Installation, Services & Repair

Properly Installed HVAC systems should:

  • Be properly sized to provide correct airflow and meet room–by–room calculated heating and cooling loads
  • Have correctly sealed supply ductwork to ensure proper airflow.
  •  Have a return system that us proportionally sized to provide correct return airflow.
  •  Have sealed return ductwork that will provide proper airflow to the fan.
  • Have balanced airflows between supply and return systems to maintain neutral pressure in the home.
  • Have proper burner operation and proper draft.


If a system is not correctly installed you may run into issues such as

  • Leaks in Ductwork
  • Duct Layout & Installation
  • Un–Insulated Ductwork
  • Inadequate Piping
  • Improper equipment match


HVAC Systems repairs can be costly. If a system is not installed up to industry standard, you may find yourself spending more money on expensive repairs than if you had hired a credible and trustworthy HVAC contractor.

The contractors at Eco–Green Air are knowledgeable and have years of experience in HVAC installations and use only the best materials and the industries best practices. Our NATE certified HVAC installation technicians will carefully inspect the installation site to make sure the unit appropriately matches your needs.

We stand behind our services and our products. That is why almost all of our units have a 10 year manufacturer warranty – if the heat exchanger or compressor fails on your unit within 10 years, you will receive another air conditioner, heat pump or furnace, in addition to, a $250 credit from the manufacturer to have it installed.