A broken or inefficient HVAC system can cause anxiety, tension, and a lack of direction. Our heat pump repair experts have the latest tools and training, allowing quick and exact service. Rarely, a failed heat pump might still heat or cool your home. A minor issue can quickly turn into a major one if left neglected.


Work with a professional company with the expertise for heat pump repair, and you will get the following benefits:

  • Restored comfort – A broken heat pump cannot heat or cool your home to the desired temperature. Professional heat pump repair will restore your home’s optimal temperature.
  • Better efficiency – Even if your heat pump keeps running, it is probably inefficient, which increases energy use and utility bills.
  • Avoid costly problems – Repairing your heat pump as soon as possible saves you money! A minor issue could quickly turn into a major issue or even cause your heat pump to fail.

No maintenance on your heat pump shortens its life, which will weaken it and cause it to collapse. Maintaining it will extend its life and save you money.

  • Quieter operation – Damaged heat pumps can be rather loud. Repair any noise-reducing issues.



Watch out for these red flags:

  • Enabling jamming mode. A heat pump’s reversing valve switches between heating and cooling. Switching will be impossible if this gets jammed, necessitating a repair service.
  • Frost or ice on the heat exchanger. Due to the heat pump’s excellent defrost cycle, persistent ice or frost suggests a more significant issue.
  • Poor air circulation. Several things can cause insufficient airflow, leading to overheating or failure. Act quickly to avoid this!
  • Odd noises Strange noises like clacks, bangs, and squeals are alarming. To minimize further damage, this usually indicates component wear or damage.
  • High heating and cooling bills. Heat pumps outperform alternative heating technologies in efficiency and cost of ownership. So, if you aren’t getting that benefit, look at the big picture.